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Established in 2012, it is mainly engaged in the processing and sales of industrial adhesive products, optical films and related materials. Products include insulation, high temperature resistance, thermal conductivity, EMC/EMI and other electrical properties of tape and diffusion, enhancement, reflection Optical grade PET film for other purposes.

        At present, the company has established strategic partnerships with many well-known companies in the United States, South Korea, Taiwan and other industries. The products sold by the company are widely used in industries, including LCD, solar energy, transformers, and telecommunications industries.

        Jiangsu Xiangteng New Material Co., Ltd. is so successful not only because it has a unique management method and always insists on the accumulation and development of this field for many years, but also because you have a working partner who can create everything.

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The company was established, mainly engaged in the business of agency sales, cutting and processing of backlight module related materials in the LCD industry.


The annual investment in the establishment of the factory is to establish a diaphragm cutting and processing plant with a cleanliness of 15 square meters and a cleanliness of 10,000.


The shares of Jiangsu Xiangteng Company settled in and merged Shanghai Shangda.


1. Nanjing CLP Panda and Nanchang Oufeiguang SAIC Maxus signed a cooperation agreement and mass production
2. Start of polarizer operation
3. Indonesia factory investment


1. In the Ningde era, the sample delivery stage of new energy vehicle battery packs and heat dissipation materials is expected to be mass production in March 2018.
2. The Guangzhou factory is scheduled to be completed in April
3. The Indonesian plant is scheduled for mass production in March
4. The address of other Chongqing Chengdu polarizer factory is being selected

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